Rawz Cat Canned Food - 96% Beef & Beef Liver Pate 155g x24 -->$26/can!<--

Rawz Cat Canned Food - 96% Beef & Beef Liver Pate 155g x24 -->$26/can!<--

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INGREDIENTS: BeefBeef LiverBeef BrothTricalcium PhosphateCalcium CarbonateFenugreek SeedsNatural FlavorCholine ChlorideSaltVegetable BrothDandelion GreensTaurinePotassium ChlorideZinc ProteinateIron ProteinateNiacin SupplementVitamin E SupplementCopper ProteinateSodium SeleniteThiamine MononitrateManganese ProteinateVitamin A SupplementCalcium PantothenateRiboflavin SupplementPyridoxine HydrochlorideBiotinVitamin D3 SupplementVitamin B12 SupplementCalcium IodateFolic Acid.

Crude Protein min 10.50%
Crude Fat min 6.00%
Crude Fiber max 1.00%
Moisture max 78.00%
Magnesium max 0.03%
Taurine min 0.10%


Adjust the amount of food you serve based on the age, size and activity level of your cat. Food should be fed at room temperature. Promptly refrigerate the unused portion. Fresh water should be available at all times.
ADULT (Normal Resting Activity): Feed 1 ounce for each lb. of body weight per day.
ADULT (Active): Feed 1.25 ounces per lb. of body weight per day.
ADULT (Highly Active – Highly active metabolism and/or outdoor pets): Feed 1.5 ounces per lb. of body weight per day.
KITTEN: Feed up to two and a half times the adult amount per day.
GESTATION & LACTATION: Allow free access to food.
COMBINATION FEEDING: Feed 1/3 cup less dry food for every 1/2 can of wet food.
CALORIE CONTENT: (ME calculated as shown): 1,131 kcal/kg or 176 kcal/can.