MicrocynAH Ear Wash 神仙洗眼水 100ml

MicrocynAH Ear Wash 神仙洗眼水 100ml

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  • MicrocynAH Eye and Ear Wash is specially formulated to provide soothing relief to your pet's eye and ear irritation. It features a patented Microcyn Technology which is intended for safe and effective flushing, cleaning and treatment of irritated or wounded eyes and outer ears of all animal species. It can be used for ear and eye cleansing, itching, and irritations caused by contaminants or pollutants. This non-toxic formula does not contain alcohol, antibiotics or steroids so it is safe to use and is recommended by most veterinarians. Available in 3 oz. bottle.
    • 麥高臣寵物神仙水 MicrocynAH Wound and Skin Care Liquid 能安全有效快速護理寵物皮膚,解決真菌、皮炎、濕疹、皮疹、膿瘡、金錢癬、傷口發炎潰爛、燒燙傷等皮膚問題,有效加快傷口癒合,消毒殺菌。

    • 使用Microcyn®專利技術,不傷害健康細胞,快速安全有效。30秒有效對抗99.999%細菌、真菌和病毒。

    • 代替鹽水、雙氧水消毒抗菌。不含酒精,類固醇或抗生素。

    • 無毒,無刺激性抗敏,適用於所有年齡階段的動物。

    • 經美國數千間獸醫院診所推薦使用,唯一你可以信賴的真正寵物神仙水。

    • Microcyn®的HOCI專利技術已不在Vetericyn Plus產品及任何HOCI的動物護理產品使用。
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