Eat M.i. (AUSTRALIA) Kangaroo Tubes (airpipes) 100g
Eat M.I.

Eat M.i. (AUSTRALIA) Kangaroo Tubes (airpipes) 100g

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Kangaroo Tubes 

kangaroo ‘Roo Tubes’ are all-natural and healthy dog treats made from only Australian kangaroo tracheas.

Firstly, they are a single-ingredient product containing:

  • No preservatives or additives
  • Rich in omega 3 (which can reduce inflammation, particularly for older dogs)
  • Low in fat (only 2%!)

They are a crunchy treat and easily broken up.


Packed with protein and omega-3, kangaroo dog treats are an excellent low-fat alternative to other types of dog food. From boosting your dog’s immune system to improving their bone density, kangaroo meat offers a range of benefits. It’s great for canines of all shapes and sizes, especially those that require a lean diet for their health.