Eat M.i. (UK) Lamb Lung 50g
Eat M.i. (UK) Lamb Lung 50g
Eat M.I.

Eat M.i. (UK) Lamb Lung 50g

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Lamb Lung

Eat M.i. Lamb Lung is 100% lamb and made in the UK. They are an all natural, single ingredient product containing no preservatives and no additives

  • Great snack or training treat.
  • Perfect and tasty for dogs of all sizes.
  • hypoallergenic - great for sensitive dogs
  • low fat

Our lamb lung are air puffed making them super light and healthy for your dog.  Because they are so light, you can rest assured they will be light on your dog’s stomach too. 

Analysis Qty per 100g, Protein 76.28g, Fat SBR 9.50g, Moisture 9.42g, Ash 4.8g


Eat M.i.羊肺粒是100%羊,在英國製造。 它們是不含防腐劑和添加劑的純天然單成分產品

  • 很棒的點心或訓練。
  • 完美且美味,適合各種大小的狗。
  • 低變應原-非常適合敏感狗
  • 低脂

我們的羊肺粒空氣膨化,使它們對您的狗來說超級輕便且健康。 因為它們很輕,所以您可以放心,它們也會照亮您的狗的肚子。