Eat M.i. (NEW ZEALAND) Green Lipped Mussels 50g
Eat M.i. (NEW ZEALAND) Green Lipped Mussels 50g
Eat M.I.

Eat M.i. (NEW ZEALAND) Green Lipped Mussels 50g

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Green Lipped Mussels Dog Treats

The Green Lipped Mussels dog treats are hugely popular, all-natural, and made from only New Zealand Mussels. They are very healthy and are rich in omega 3s, which will reduce the risks of infection, act as antioxidants, and reduce joint inflammation, to name a few. They can also be easily broken up for rewards when training your pooch.

Please note while our suppliers try to remove all of the mussels shells, there is the possibility a piece can be missed. We highly recommend checking for shell before feeding.

OMEGA-3 for dogs may have these benefits:

  • Reduces infections caused by yeast, fungal, or bacteria in dogs ears.
  • Treatment of allergic and inflammatory dermatological conditions in dogs.
  • Training and learning enhancing properties (increased brain function)
  • Reduces cardiovascular problems like sudden cardiac death or arrhythmias, blood clots and hypertension.
  • Assists in the treatment of ulcerative colitis, inflammatory bowel disease, and rheumatoid arthritis
  • Good cholesterol rises with fish oil for dogs, providing a better cholesterol profile.
  • Reduces the incidence of renal damage.
  • Reduces cancer cells proliferation.
  • A high source of antioxidants which help cells repair themselves.
  • shinier coat & control of “doggy odour” without needing regular shampoos.

Dosage: There is no set recommendation for mussels and it can also depend on if it’s just for general well being or to help a condition and if its at the initial or maintenance stage. Each dog may also respond differently. Generally, a good start is 3-6g for <5kg dogs, 5-10g for small dogs up to 10kg, 10-20g for 10-30kg and 20-40g for larger. Start at the lower end and increase over time if you feel it’s necessary.

Minimum Protein 60%, Minimum fat 8%

100% Green Lipped Mussels



綠青口狗狗零食非常受歡迎,全天然,並且僅由新西蘭的青口製成。它們非常健康,並富含Omega 3,可降低感染風險,充當抗氧化劑並減少關節發炎。訓練您的狗狗時,也可以很容易地將它們分解以獲得獎勵。



  • 減少狗耳中由酵母,真菌或細菌引起的感染。
  • 犬過敏性和炎症性皮膚病的治療。
  • 訓練和學習增強特性(增強腦功能)
  • 減少心血管疾病,例如心源性猝死或心律不齊,血液凝塊和高血壓。
  • 協助治療潰瘍性結腸炎,炎症性腸病和類風濕關節炎
  • 良好的膽固醇會隨魚油的增加而升高,從而提供更好的膽固醇狀況。
  • 減少腎臟損害的發生率。
  • 減少癌細胞增殖。
  • 大量抗氧化劑可幫助細胞自我修復。
  • 無需常規洗髮水即可塗上更亮的皮毛並控制“狗臭”。