Eat M.i. (UK) 60cm Rabbit Skin with Hair 250g
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Eat M.i. (UK) 60cm Rabbit Skin with Hair 250g

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60cm Rabbit Skin with Hair 250g

🐾 100% of tasty, low-fat cartilage with "skin and hair"
🐾 No additives, no preservatives – just rabbit!
🐾 Easy to digest snack and training reward
🐾 Hypoallergenic - allergy sufferers and nutritionally sensitive dogs can also chew on this healthy snack.
🐾 Strengthens the chewing muscles and cleans the teeth.
🐾 Hairs produce a natural "intestinal cleansing" cycle, since the hair is usually not immediately digested, this helps clean the intestinal wall as it passes through your dogs intestinal system
🐾 A natural de-wormer and could form part of a natural de-worming regime.
🐾 Unlike many bones, rabbit skins are particularly well digestible.
🐾 Long lasting chew for dogs of any size