Eat M.i. (AUSTRALIA) Cows Hooves filling with Kangaroo 3pc
Eat M.i. (AUSTRALIA) Cows Hooves filling with Kangaroo 3pc
Eat M.I.

Eat M.i. (AUSTRALIA) Cows Hooves filling with Kangaroo 3pc

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Cow Hooves Dog Treats

The Cow Hooves dog treats made from 100% Australian Cows filled with dried kangaroo meat filling, which is convenient for you, and delicious for your pooch. They are one of our most long-lasting and durable treats, ideal for medium to large dogs though we have smaller dogs who also love them!

These are very long lasting tasty treats for small to medium dogs whereas stronger jaws will find them easier to consume faster. These are also great treats for puppies and teething puppies. They are the perfect texture to chew on and continue chewing for a long period of time.

These treats are high in protein and very lean, with much of the nutritional benefits found in beef. Not to mention, the chewing of the hoof will maintain your dog’s dental hygiene. 

100% Cow Hooves with 100% Kangaroo meat (for roo filled variety)

Product of Australia: Manufactured in Australia using 100% Australian Cow and Kangaroo.

牛蹄狗零食由100%澳洲奶牛製成,裡面充滿了袋鼠乾肉餡,這對您來說很方便,對您的狗狗也很美味。 它們是我們最持久,最耐用的零食之一,雖然我們也有喜歡它們的小型犬,但它還是中大型犬的理想之選!

對於中小型犬來說,它們是非常持久的美味佳餚,而強壯的下巴會使它們更容易快速食用。 這些也是給幼犬和出牙幼犬的好方法。 它們是可咀嚼並長時間咀嚼的完美質地。

這些零食蛋白質含量高且非常瘦,在牛肉中具有許多營養益處。 更不用說,嚼蹄可以保持狗的牙齒衛生。