Barrier Natural Flea & Tick Spray 400ml

Barrier Natural Flea & Tick Spray 400ml

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A 100% natural insect repellent to help protect against fleas and ticks on dogs by direct application to the coat. Gentle enough for use from 7 days old. To help prevent re-infestation ensure bedding, carpets and surrounding areas are treated separately with a suitable product. 

Barrier was established in 1989 and has produced some of today's most popular animal healthcare solutions. Unlike other companies that rely on chemicals, Barrier is committed to harnessing natural ingredients in their products that are formulated to be effective without harming the animal, user or environment. Tried and tested by thousands of domestic pet and livestock owners, you can rest assured you are investing in a quality product. Browse our wide range of Barrier solutions here.


100%天然驅蟲劑,可直接噴在皮毛上,以幫助防止狗跳蚤和壁蝨。這個產品性質溫和, 從初生第7天已經可以開始使用。 為了防止再次感染,請確保使用合適的產品分別處理寢具,地毯和周圍區域。

Barrier成立於1989年,提供了當今一些最受歡迎的動物保健解決方案。 與其他依賴化學品的公司不同,Barrier致力於在其產品中利用天然成分,這些成分經配製可有效發揮功效,而不會損害動物,使用者或環境。 經過成千上萬家養寵物和家畜飼養者的測試,您可以放心,您正在投資優質產品。 在此處瀏覽我們的各種屏障解決方案。